We cannot acknowledge pivotal dates in South African history without giving special mention to 16 June 1976, the day we have come to recognise nationally as Youth Day. Youth Day 2015 comes nearly 40 years after the Soweto uprising that we commemorate each year. A catalyst which sparked revolutionary change in South Africa’s socio-political climate continues to inspire young and not-so-young people alike.

People often say that “the children are the future” yet forget the immense power in realising that the youth are the present. South Africa is a young nation with more than half of our population of 54 million people younger than 30 years old. An astounding 30% of our population is under the age of 15. However, the power of the youth is not located in this numerical value. It is in the hearts, minds, souls and voices of the individual and collective young people who forge their path as a new generation in the 21st century.

Ignited by the message of national Youth Day, our youthful team – the SPICE4LIFE Innovation Task Force Team –  shares what it means to us to be youth in the 21st century through poetry and prose.

Luke Styer 4 Youth

Patuxolo Mfazwe 4 Youth

Kirsten Arendse 4 Youth

Aiden Roems 4 Youth

Ziyanda Phikiso 4 Youth

Ruweida Valla 4 Youth

Abongile Best 4 Youth

Jesse-Lee Rowe 4 Youth

Bonolo Mothibi 4 Youth

Sinazo Tshapha 4 Youth

Susanne Dekker 4 Youth

Tasneema Diest 4 Youth

Zazu Zungu 4 Youth

Phedre N’Goua 4 Youth

Alexendra Arendse 4 Youth

Busisiwe Matutu 4 Youth

Ana De Deus 4 Youth

Andria Manuel 4 Youth

Thandi Mbatha 4 Youth




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