The sweetly inspirational and gorgeous, Claire Roberto, owner of ‘Take the Cake’ Gourmet Cupcakery owns the title as cupcake maven when it comes to the artistic creation of her gourmet cupcakes.


Many could question what loyal love means, whether it still exists, if it ever did? The response to this would probably means it is relevant to those who have experienced love in a loyal manner.

Why The ‘One’?

This day creates the illusion that love is demonstrated through an extravaganza of affection.

Lyrics That Touch My Heart

There are so many words that speak volumes directly to my soul from Nia’s collection of songs over the years.

Making Space For Love

After a scourge of rain, in which the heavens cried buckets of refreshing, cleansing tears, Friday 7 September 2012 arrives. The sky is a sad grey and the weather chilly.