Honour Thy

Shouldn’t we honor our musicians when they are alive and able to use the money they make on their music to produce better sounds.

Understanding A Tsunami Rocked World

For close to 10 years I have covered the world's greatest, best and even most gruesome tales, but today a natural disaster is shaking through my whole being.

Home Coming

What a pleasure to see, smell and embrace the familiar after being way from home , but also the gnawing sadness of knowing you have left loved ones behind

My Sweet Side Of Life

When do we reach a stage of life when we can finally become real?….Dropping the mask of being all things to all people.


What has made us so intolerant towards one another?

Laughter Yoga

There has been quite a bit of misunderstanding with the word Yoga. If it had to be me the person inventing this maybe I would have call it Unconditional Laughter, but the truth is that

Breathing And Meditation

Breathing is an excellent way in which we are able to take charge of our lives and control our emotions. In today’s world, our emotions are running riot, leading to us becoming more and more stressed.

Meditation For Silence And Stillness

Silent meditation is the follow up of our last month’s meditation (letting go of thoughts). It is used to settle your mind into a realm of silence.