Logical Golf

Logical Golf is a very simple teaching system that has enjoyed worldwide success since its inception in 2001. The concept takes the complex issues of the golf game and simplifies them.

Why Is It So Hard To Lose Weight

How can you change your way to help your body along? Have you ever wondered why the older you get the harder it is to maintain your weight, let alone lose it?
golf grip


Making sure you are "thumbs up" It is important to have the correct grip as this affects your entire swing. You want to ensure that you don’t PALM IT.

Getting To The Core

From back pain to compromised balance, many problems are associated with weak core muscles. A little more attention to those muscles in the middle

Learn To Scuba Dive

Imagine a world of absolute tranquillity and breathtaking beauty capturing your soul as you hover weightlessly in mother nature’s blue ocean depths. Fish life, the odd occasional Southern Right whale,

Advanced Mountain Walking Leader Course

We have done this course for credibility and knowledge purposes, so that we can lead hikes in various mountainous regions which can have peaks of over 1000m in height.

Quick Start Your Weight Loss

If your attempts at weight loss have met mostly with mixed or temporary successes, don’t despair. Give yourself some credit for persisting in the face of adversity. And give yourself the benefit of the do

Live To Love With Salsa Dancing

You want to learn more about DANCE and get into shape at the same time? Want to LOVE your femininity and explore new movements? Want to STYLE up your general dancing and learn how to Salsa?