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Spotlight On Hlubi Mboya

Through her famous role as the HIV positive Nandipha in the hugely popular daily soap Isidingo, HlubiMbova has become an unwitting yet highly willing HIV/AIDS ambassador throughout Africa

Linda Trim – Director Of Giant Leap

Linda Trim is the Director of Giant Leap, a Johannesburg-based company specialising in office workspace design. In this profile, she discusses her personal interests, likes and inspirations.

Julia Susan Willis

Julia Wills is a qualified beauty therapist with a BA degree in Psychology from UCT. On the 1st August 2011 she opened her own beauty school in Somerset West.


Golden sun rises with her smile Constant as layer of blue sky high
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Season Of The Soul

Our life flows in Seasons. The four seasons tell a story of transformation in our life.

Zenzele Training And Development

Zenzele Training and Development is a registered Section 21 non-profit organisation and is based in Khayelitsha, an impoverished and overcrowded informal settlement situated just outside Cape Town.