This Valentines Day Be Your Own Cupid

Valentine’s Day is traditionally known as a day for couples to show and share their love and affection, but is that just the view peddled by the media and greeting card companies?

To Find Love

When you find yourself with a partner, who loves you, take care of what you have found. But if you are single, just remember... the best is yet to come.


Golden sun rises with her smile, constant as layer of blue sky high, nurturing as Kalahari desert rains, unmoving as Kilimanjaro plains

Tell It To Me Straight

Is honesty a value and a behavior we desire to live? The lessons around what people understand by, attribute to and mean by the word 'honesty' are endless.
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A Story Of Friendship

Like most of you, we at SPICE4LIFE often receive emails from friends of sweet little stories about what a special friend you are, which you need to forward to 5 friends. I usually smile and then delete

Intiem And Intimacy 4 Us

s INTIEM teen dié vir jou daardie 'soul sister' by wie jy kan bieg, raad vra, raad kry, of sommer net bevestiging dat jy en jou huwelik nie so abnormaal is soos wat jy gedink het dit is nie
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Marge Simpson On Playboy

Oh good. The world is no longer satisfied with human women selling their bodies in porn mags, but now asks the same of cartoon characters. Great! Let’s sexualise every female form!