the start of it all

The Start Of It All

Citizens in Trinidad and Tobago were the first to celebrate IMD (International Men's Day) on the 19th November, 1999.


Originally an abbreviation for Electronic Media Network is a subscription-fundedteleision channel in South Africa, established in 1986 by Naspers.

Welcome To South Africa

South Africa is a unique landscape and diverse, mixed cultures, in South Africa love is our nature, & ubuntu (compassion) is our profound key.

Diving With Bubble Blowers

Spice4Life intern Jana van der Burgt from Holland shares her experiences scuba diving with Bubble Blowers Dive Centre.

Avicii Levels

Avicii has been on the circuit a while and adds another corker to his collection (this track has been hitting the airwaves a while prior to its release). This cheery electro anthem will have us on our fee

Bruno Mars It Will Rain

In a pop music world in which a single line hook seems all that is necessary to churn out another party song for pop radio, Bruno Mars reminds us that durable pop songs involve a hook as well as memorable