Luxurious Winter Dressing

Each year winter rolls around and style often takes a back seat while warmth and comfort plays a major role in many women’s wardrobe decision making.

The Lowdown On Clever Layering

South Africa is well known for its ever changing weather conditions during the day, especially in winter and spring. Layering can be a fun and effective way of dressing for various types of temperature ch

Power Dressing The Feminine Way

In the last few years, a new breed of women dubbed Generation H are learning to embrace their femininity and seeing it as strength rather than a weakness.

Fashion: Bouchic

Bouchic brings you an eco-chic fashion recycling event with all the vibe of a cocktail party turning shopping into a fun-filled social event.

Elegantly Casual

When we think of casual clothing, comfy, sloppy items often come to mind;

Kirsten Goss Jewellery

I was at the launch of Kirsten Goss’ new store in Birdhaven, Johannesburg and along with everybody else was dazzled by the sheer beauty of the diverse and precious pieces. Invited to try on one of the ite