February is synonymous with the colour red. Thanks toSt Valentine’s Day, all you see are red hearts, red roses, red chocolates and whatever else shop owners can wrap in red.


Hopefully by now you have shed those extra kilos that suddenly appeared after Christmas and caused your little black number to sit too tight! If you are over the age of 35 years

How To Enter YOU Miss Teen 2012

You’re attractive, aged 14 to 18 years and an avid reader of YOU magazine. You have a winning can-do attitude, are proudly South African and always keen to help out in your community.

QMS Medicosmetics

When I started the journey into my forties, I decided that it was time to move onto more “grown up” skin care products, so I discovered the benefits of cosmoceuticals, which, as Google explains

Winter And Cold Weather

The last days of summer is being relished by the sun and heat loving South Africans as most of us really don’t do too well in cold weather.

Dealing With Acne

Acne no longer needs to be the reason to hide away your beautiful face. Dealing with acne is now possible with the right treatment and lifestyle. You can now have a beatifully clear face to go with your