We all want to be better people. We want to live better lives and give back to our communities. But often life gets in the way and we never really get around to doing all the “good” things we’ve been wanting to do. We clear out our cupboards but don’t make it to the event where clothes are being collected for the homeless. We want to pay the friendly car guard, but we just don’t carry change anymore. There are so many things we want to do and never end up doing.


Which is why we should actively become involved in a charity. When you’re actively involved, you can’t make excuses. People expect you to show up and they rely on you to be where you say you’re going to be when you say you’re going to be there. You will be held accountable. And that’s great because being involved with charity work can literally change your entire life. Here are four ways it will do just that.


It’ll open your eyes to how privileged you are

When you become involved in a charity, whether it’s a local community project or Medécins Sans Frontières, you’ll instantly realise that your problems are never as bad as you think they are. You feel you’re treated unfairly at your job? At least you have a way to earn an income. Your flat is too small to host a dinner party? At least you have a roof over your head. You can’t afford to join your friends for that expensive weekend away? There are people who don’t even have access to clean drinking water.

You’ll quickly begin to understand that you really are dealing with first world problems in your everyday life. And it will make you appreciate all the amazing things you have going for you. Of course, realising how lucky you are isn’t a reason to do charity work, but it is part of it. The whole experience will humble you, making you a better person and someone who is more committed to helping those in need.


You’ll have the opportunity to see things from a different perspective

You grew up in a very specific world and your perspective of life was shaped by that world. The fact that you are able to read this piece online means that you have internet access and are able to access any kind of information you want with a few clicks. Your perspective is shaped by what you consume online and experience in your everyday sheltered life. When you work with people who have not had the chances in life that you have, it will broaden your idea of what is actually happening in the world. You’ll be able to view everything around you in a new light. You’ll see more than just what is on your screen. You’ll be in the presence of people who’ve never even touched a computer. And they can offer you a perspective of life that is completely different from your own.


You’ll have a chance to meet new people

You’ll meet people from all sorts of backgrounds and who’ve lived so many different lives. There will likely be volunteers from all over, some who’ve been involved in charity for years. You can learn from these people and they’ll have loads of advice to hand down to you. While it’s not your main aim to make friends, it’s nothing to turn your nose up at. And you won’t just become friends with the other volunteers, you’ll also come to know the people you’re helping on a daily basis if you work within a specific community. You’ll soon understand their wants and needs, which will give you insight into how you can help them further.


It’ll give you some interesting experience to add to your CV

No, this is not a reason to do charity work. Let’s just get that out of the way. But it is a perk that will add value to your life. Potential employers will be interested in your charity work. This may just be the thing that helps you get the job. Employers want people who are dedicated and focused and being actively involved in charity work shows that you are, in fact, both dedicated and focused. And, even better, once you get the job, you may be able to convince the company to get involved with the charity of your choice as an unconventional way of encouraging staff to bond.


At the end of it all, you want to help people. You want to be involved in an initiative that does good work and improves the lives of others. These four points are simply other ways being actively involved in charity work will change your life.

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I was born in the Eastern Cape, close to the waves. After getting my degree in Media, Communication and Culture, I knew it was time to make my way to a big city. Not wanting to leave the ocean, Cape Town was the natural choice for me. At first I thought the fast paced world of marketing. But I never forgot that what I'd always wanted to do was write. Now I'm a freelance writer, where my office is my bedroom and my platform is the World Wide Web. I live with my partner and our two beloved Great Danes. When not reading or writing you can probably find me on the beach or exploring nature trails.

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