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Scholapreneurship is a 411 Networking initiative, and offers entrepreneurial training, consulting, mentoring, coaching and support. Since its inception, less than 1 year ago, Scholapreneurship has been running free business workshops under the 411Networking banner. These workshops are opened to the community at no cost to participants. Participants are provided refreshments, lunch and workshop material without paying a cent.

Our vision is to make entrepreneurship a part of the syllabus taught in high schools in South Africa and the rest of Africa.

Our mission is to birth one high school entrepreneur at a time.

Our values are summarised as follows:


We believe that everybody deserves equal opportunities. And thus all individuals have the potential to make great entrepreneurs regardless of age, race or gender.


Success is achieved by those who can identify just one thing and run with it. We teach entrepreneurs to identify a task and run with it.


We believe that as the world changes, it requires newer and more creative solutions. It could be a re-invention of existing products and solutions, or completely new-never-been-seen-before innovations.


As a village boy I’ve always wondered if there any other ways we could better the lives of our people. Having been privileged to leave the village and visit cities across the world. I was inspired by the methods implemented across the world to improve the lives of citizens.

It was however not until I visited the village where I found myself at a car wash having a conversation with a local school teacher. He expressed to me the challenges they face as teachers in the villages, especially high school teacher with older boys being part of the pupils. He mentioned that the pupils misbehave because they have nothing to lose. They tell him there is no need for them to concentrate at school because they see their sisters and brother who’ve completed high school roaming the streets because of the lack of opportunities.

It is then that I realized that entrepreneurship is the answer. What if we could teach entrepreneurship to these kids at a school level? What if we could give them an alternative to make a living other than finding employment or studying further? What if entrepreneurship was their only hope? It was for those reasons that Scholapreneurship was established.

Since its inception, less than 1 year ago, Scholapreneurship has been running free business workshops under the 411Networking banner. Some participants may be seen on Youtube.

Continuous mentoring, coaching and exposure to valuable resources is what we continue to do. Our goal is see our participants succeed in running profitable businesses.

The organisation was founded by Thulani Ngwenya, an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, coach and friend in the early months of 2014. Through strategic partnerships, the organisation has seen tremendous growth in the number of successful entrepreneurs birthed by its programmes.

We strive always to live out our values while gearing towards our vision, one entrepreneur at a time.

Who are the leaders that drive the helm? Who are the nurses that pass the scalpels?

Thulani Ngwenya, a serial entrepreneur and motivational speaker.

He has built and sold companies to major players in the industries his companies operated. Currently He runs BIG-BOSS Inc, an entertainment company which has seen the return of one of South Africa’s music icon; Thulani “Pitch Black Afro” Ngcobo.

Thulani is also the founder of The Independent Entrepreneurs Desk, an organisation aimed at assisting entrepreneurs from the informal sector to get the best from programs available to entrepreneurs in South Africa. His entrepreneurial spirit has seen him travel all over the world establishing fruitful business relations, creating a presence for his businesses internationally.

He has served on the boards of various organisations including being the first and only African to serve on the board of the Silicon Cape, a catalyst for technology in the Cape.

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