It’s a known fact that children learn better when their brains and bodies are fuelled by a healthy diet. Good nutrition is critical to development and it was with this in mind that Mysmartkid teamed up with Nestlé’s brand Nido, which is specially formulated to help support growth and development in children.


Says Mysmartkid General Manager Adrian Kaplan, “Nestlé’s Nido is one of the largest child nutrition brands in South Africa and with their foundation not only based on strong nutrition science, but also on the complete enhancement of a child’s development in the first 6 years, we thought that this would be the ideal partner for Mysmartkid.”


Mysmartkid started as a play-based educational programme for children in 2014, and with this latest partnership it has expanded that offering to encompass not only wellness, but the healthy nutrition of children until the age of six.


This subscription-based programme has become a leader in Early Childhood Development (ECD) and promotes school readiness with an integrated offering. It focuses on a child’s development through the use of age-appropriate toys, tools and activities.


As part of this holistic initiative, members also receive support from a panel of ECD experts who share their professional insights and expertise on the Mysmartkid website and are intimately involved with the development of various aspects of the programme.


The partnership between Mysmartkid and Nido will provide members with a dedicated dietician and nutritional expert on the panel, Anne-marie de Beer. This additional area of expertise means lots of exciting articles and advice being posted on the Mysmartkid blog and accessible via their newsletter.


Says Nido and Mysmartkid nutritional expert Anne-marié de Beer, “Nutrition is critical in early childhood development. A well-nourished child is given his or her full potential to develop optimally. When children are malnourished – whether underweight, overweight or micro nutrient deficient – it puts them immediately at a disadvantage for early childhood development. Malnutrition in any form affects the ability of children to develop cognitively, physically and even mentally, so all the stimulation in the world will not help if we do not address the nutritional issues first.”


For more information on Mysmartkid’s offering visit their website

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