Valentine’s day is the month of love, why not gift someone with a gift that keeps on giving?  

The most romantic day of the year fast approaches and you’re wondering how you can still your beating heart and find a gift that proves your love in a romantic gesture that even Nicholas Sparks would find impressive.

Every Bite Counts 

Step one, relax. Step two, breathe a sigh of relief as you realize that Nova Chocolate has you covered. You may be thinking, ‘Chocolate? That’s the most cliché gift of them all!’, but you would be wrong.

This is not just chocolate. This is a gateway to heaven. It is also a more conscious brand of cocoa goodness, not only helping you with a healthier choice of self-indulgence, but also helping the world become a better place.

If it’s not enough that the flavours are sensuously sexy, they can also be compassionate and giving. Nova Chocolate has partnered with Goodbye Malaria with the addition of two exciting flavours, which include:

•            Salted Caramel Cashew Chilli Chocolate 

•            Dark Chilli Chocolate 

That means, if you buy one of these slabs, a percentage of proceeds will raise funds and awareness for the fight against malaria in southern Africa. Goodbye Malaria is a non-profit organisation that aims to eliminate malaria in our lifestyle, helping communities in South Africa, Mozambique and Eswatini combat the scourge of malaria carrying mosquitoes. Learn more about Goodbye Malaria on their website.

Vegan friendly 

In addition to helping humanity, all Nova branded products are dairy-free and vegan. Now you don’t have to let your enjoyment of the world’s most decadent chocolate impact the lives of any animals.

No sugar

A good slab of chocolate doesn’t have to be an overly indulgent affair laden with processed sugar. Nova uses maltitol, which is a sugar alcohol. Much healthier than the processed alternative, sugar alcohols are found naturally in fruits and vegetables and are actually considered carbohydrates.

Every Bite Counts is available from Dis-Chem, Spar, Big5 Duty Free, Jackson’s Real Food Market as well as other existing stockists of Nova products. You can also purchase them from the Goodbye Malaria carts at O.R Tambo, Cape Town International and George Airport carts. Grab yours in store and help save a life while you eat! Every bite counts

Every Life Counts 


One bag has the ability to empower the people who made it, fight pollution and make malaria history…because every life counts! Shop yours now

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