Entrepreneur incubator and academy

The Entrepreneur Incubator and Academy is focused on developing Entrepreneurs and Businesses by providing top quality services and tools to enable sustainable growth in business communities.

Vision Statement

To have a significant impact in the entrepreneurial sector by providing top quality services and tools to enable sustainable growth in communities throughout Africa.

Our Mission is …

  • To honour God through our work, attitude and relationships
  • To be forward focused in our approach and methodologies
  • To always provide honest and reliable feedback to our stakeholders
  • To constantly update, review and revamp our skills, processes and tools
  • To provide a supportive framework that facilitates both people and business development
  • To be outward focused to reach people from our local communities to the ends of the earth

Entrepreneur Incubator and Academy is all about having fun in the innovation space of business and people development. We offer a threefold approach to achieving this: Coaching, Mentoring and Education.

All our programmes, tools and techniques have been gleaned over many years of hard work, experience and applied wisdom.

Entrepreneur Incubator and Academy is also involved in many community projects with sponsored clients at the Academy, skills development programmes and sponsorship of full time Missions families.


Bruce Wade, our SPICE4LIFE ambassador, has an interesting story: Born in Zambia, he was educated and grew up in Johannesburg. Once out of school, Bruce left home to seek the corners of the globe and joined the Merchant Navy as a Navigator. Various adventures and trips took him to different exotic places and crossed paths with many different people.

One day during a spell of shore leave, Bruce wrote an aptitude test for computers with resounding results. Bruce wad drafted straight into the most prestigious computer school in South Africa and took flight into the world of bits and bytes for the next 15 years.

Bruce emerged from the corporate world, returning from Europe back to South Africa in 1998, where he vowed never to work for another corporate again and started his first business. After many successes, failures and paid school fees, Entrepreneur Incubator and Academy was born in 2010.

Having coached and educated over 400 entrepreneurs the business has reached new sectors offering online education programmes and informative blogs to people across the globe.

Bruce is passionate about developing people towards their passion and assisting them to convert that into profit. Bruce sees ongoing education as essential to the development of both himself and new tools for the business and enrols in at least 2 university courses per year to achieve this.

Bruce is also the inventor of the Sphere of Mankind, the Business Arrow, the Productivity model and the business game Work Flow 101 among others that are used by many to enhance their businesses.

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