For many families in South Africa, September is a time to take stock, not just because it’s springtime, but also because it’s International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Around the country and the world, fundraisers and events are happening to highlight the plight of critically ill children. FMI recently supported The Sunflower Fund’s fight against childhood cancer.


FMI CEO, Brad Toerien, said, “The Sunflower Fund is doing incredible things in our communities for patients diagnosed with leukaemia and blood cancers, many of which are young adults and children. Due to the development of our new Critical Illness cover, and the extent of cover we have for children, it was a natural step for us to partner with the Sunflower fund.”


Besides a sizeable donation to be made towards the fund on Sunflower Day on the 16th September, FMI will also be involved in future events to raise awareness about the need for Critical Illness cover and specifically their innovative Child Protector benefit.


FMI offers a combination of income and lump sum benefits for critically ill children. CEO Brad Toerien says, “Children are automatically covered with our Critical Illness Lump Sum Benefit, but what is really exciting for us is our FMI’s Child Protector Benefit, which compliments the lump sum by taking care of monthly costs incurred from looking after a critically ill child. “These costs can continue for years and be financially crippling for the family,” said FMI CEO, Brad Toerien.


Toerien said, “These carefully designed benefits are based on case studies we have conducted on the needs of families who have actually lived through this kind of experience. With this insight we have been able to tailor make a product that provides financial stability so families can focus on making their child well again.”


FMI’s Child Protector benefit as well as organisations’ that contribute to initiatives such as the Sunflower Fund make a notable impact to the lives of these children who need as much support as they can get. Six year old Neli Mthembu was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) in 2014 and is currently in need of a stem cell transplant. Neli’s father Sipho Mthembu explains just one of the obstacles parents of a terminally ill child face. “As a parent it becomes difficult to ensure being at work all the time when your child needs you. When family responsibility leave is finished it simply means that you stand a chance of no work no pay.  Such a product will really help for such days where you have to be with your child but cannot afford not to be at work,” said Mthembu

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