Mankind has been fighting for freedom since the beginning of time. There is the freedom of expression, the freedom of speech, freedom to love, freedom to surpass borders, discrimination, racism, and then there is the freedom to smile, a freedom which unlocks the path to kindness and humbleness.

While the uplifting quote of the internet says “It takes 42 muscles to frown but only 17 to smile!” we know that’s not true. Science disproves it. Biology disproves it.  The bare minimum of muscles needed for a smile is ten. For a frown, you only need six. Even so, exercise is healthy and so is smiling.

There is a video called Life Vest Inside which does a spectacular job in defining the power of a genuine smile, the impact of a small act of kindness. A teenage boy riding a skateboard falls down and is helped by a man in an orange vest, a construction worker of a sort whose smile drained away the boy’s humility. The gesture inspires the boy to help an elderly woman cross the street while carrying her groceries. The happiness bubbling from this act leads to the woman giving some coins to a young woman who needed them to park her car. And so on, the kindness effect continues. The ending is a surprise and definitely something worthy of being watched!

Smiling may seem a bit of task sometimes in this world of ours, a world full of clashes and differences, fights and bloodshed. But the little things count. They build up, giving us the freedom to acknowledge that we are here for one another. We are not alone. The rays of love still streak through and illuminate our connected lives. And when they do, we smile, a curve that makes the world a little warmer, a little brighter. 

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Paramjot Kaur
Youth Ambassador

To write is to paint thoughts into existence. Words are precious, containing the ability to take a reader to worlds that exist in our dreams. I seek to weave positivity into my storytelling. Currently an undergraduate student, I charter the ocean of academics, learning in school and from the outside world-- both have so much to teach me.

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