The brand new inspirational platform MasterStories, is a first to South African shores. MasterStories offers everyone a chance to share creatively with like-minded people; using their experiences and stories – allowing anyone to write, film, view, speak and share on matters closest to the heart.

This is a chance for us all to be inspired by others who’ve Mastered their Story as we seek to master our own. Don’t we all have a story to tell? Aren’t we looking for the opportunity and the space to do it in? We needn’t look any further. MasterStories fosters a courageous outlook on all our life stories.

The Founder took it upon himself to make the most of the universal desire to connect; giving shape to the phenomenon that is MasterStories. There is a wealth of inspiration awaiting newcomers, with a large archive of personal accounts in the form of videos and written stories.

MasterStories’ aim is to encourage us to share our human experiences; to not be passive or indifferent to everything that challenges and shapes us, whether positive or negative. “MasterStories is about love and vulnerability,” Andrea Gordon, the Head of Relations says, “The moment between the impact and the decision to move forward from the aftermath – it’s that moment that defines our character, and that moment that we need to delve into.”

The platform has created a global community of like-minded individuals. Here – spirituality, creativity, intuition, life experience and art comes to life.

Upon registering, you’re also granted discounted access to a selection of online courses. These courses delve into topics we think about every day: how to be happier, or more relaxed or more centred.

At MasterStories, there is no intention to shy away from any aspect of life and we can learn from every individual account that stands testament. “The aim is to keep looking forward, to keep learning and evolving into a state where these experiences no longer control us as people, and we wield what we’ve learnt into something that will resonate with others,” Gordon explains.

“We choose to remain positive – finding inspiration through people who have had similar encounters in their lives and have chosen to share of that. When we’re met with adversity we choose to share what’s shaped us to help others see first-hand that they are not alone in their lives – that people understand them, can relate to them and will support them.”

MasterStories caters to all in search of positive spirituality as well as personal development, taking into account that some will commit as viewers, others as learners and creators. As such there is a category and access point for such a medium.

When registering, you can assign yourself the role of creator, teacher, practitioner or simply a viewer.

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