A 50-strong team of newbie and veteran cyclists have teamed up to ride 109km in the Cape Town Cycle Tour for the Jenna Lowe Trust.  Collectively they will ride 5 450 km’s to raise money for the Jenna Lowe Trust. An initiative by Auric Auto in Claremont, Cape Town.


Merilyn and Eric Scoble, directors of Auric Auto, who will both be tackling the race for the first time say, ‘Many people will remember the award winning, ‘Get me to 21’ campaign, and more notably the beautiful face behind the campaign – Jenna Lowe.  Jenna was an exceptional young girl whose battle with PH (Primary Pulmonary Hypertension) and her need for a lung transplant, resulted in the formation of the Jenna Lowe Trust.’ The Trust is dedicated to helping raise awareness and increase the Organ Donor registration in South Africa, as well as educating people about the disease and supporting PH sufferers. ‘Auric Auto adopted the cause in November 2015, as inaugural supporters, and to date have raised over R100 000,’ says Merilyn.


During her short life, Jenna rallied enormous public support for Organ Donation increasing organ donation rates by 287% in three short months with her #Getmeto21 campaign. Tragically Jenna succumbed to PH just four months short of her 21st birthday, her legacy lives on through the Trust.


Auric Auto is a proud supporter of this exceptional girl’s dream and over and above the R25 000 donation to the Trust hope their intrepid team of 50 riders who are taking to the roads in Cycle Tour on Sunday will help double the donation through the Cycle Tours Fundracers’ campaign.


‘Jenna’s dying wish, was to encourage more people to become organ donors in SA,’ says Merilyn Scoble.  ‘She wanted to help other PH patients find treatment earlier and to start a lung transplant unit for state patients. One such PH patient is currently unable to leave her home without a portable oxygen machine, through the Trust the Auric Auto team will push through 5450 km’s to help purchase this desperately needed machine and to bring Jenna’s dream closer to reality.’


For support the work of Jenna Lowe Trust go to www.jennalowe.org

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