As the official charity fundraising partner of the Two Oceans Marathon, GivenGain is delighted to support this iconic race once more in 2021 – as well as their all-new event, the TOM 2021 Virtual Charity Challenge (VCC).

Bringing back an iconic event

The annual Two Oceans Marathon, a much-anticipated event on the running calendar and known globally as the “world’s most beautiful marathon”, attracts over 30 000 runners from more than 90 countries annually. 

Sadly, it was cancelled for the second year running this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, with devastating effects on the many charities that have benefitted from various fundraising opportunities.

However, organisers say the 2021 virtual challenge will both bring back an iconic event and allow participating non-profits to claw back much of their losses from last year.

Running for good

To continue offering a memorable race experience to runners and charities alike, the TOM 2021 Virtual Charity Challenge will take place between 30 March and 30 April – entirely charity focused and inviting all runners across the globe to unite in running for good.

“We reaffirm our commitment to supporting organisations doing great work across South Africa. The inaugural TOM Virtual Charity Challenge is designed to give runners a great experience while they raise funds for organisations whose charitable work in vulnerable communities has been hard hit by the pandemic. We look forward to continuing this initiative well into the future,” says Debra Barnes, TOM Race Director.

The TOM Virtual Charity Challenge gives runners a window period from 30 March to 30 April 2021 to complete their race in any of the following distances: 5.6km, 10km and 20km. 

“All runners participating in the event must register to raise funds for a charity of their choice, and GivenGain hereby invites charities and runners to visit the official Event page on the TOM website to get started with their fundraising,” says Jannie Smith, GivenGain’s Regional Manager for South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. 

Five years a fundraising partner

Now in their fifth year of partnering with the Two Oceans Marathon, GivenGain’s platform has helped raise over R2.3 million during TOM races since 2017, supporting 575 fundraising participants and donors from 80 countries all contributing to participating charities.

Smith says the average fundraiser on GivenGain gets 20 donations of R375 each, raising R7 500 each time they do a fundraising project. 

“There are plenty of great examples on GivenGain of South African fundraisers, corporates, events and charities that have aced fundraising with a fun challenge, good use of social media or a fantastic story that inspires people to give or participate.” 

One such fundraising runner is Keshantha Naidoo, who raised R9 500 in benefit of Reach for a Dream, in honour of her late father’s legacy of having served his community through decades of volunteer work.

For more information on when entries will open for the Two Oceans Marathon Virtual Charity Challenge and how to enter, keep an eye out on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram or visit

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