Earth. Green. Blue. Swirls of white. That’s how it’s seen from an outsider’s point of view. Our planet is the most vibrant of all in this solar system. It sustains life, a vast and subtle entity in our daily lives. Every step taken, every mile walked, ran, or flown, is not over just roads, countries, grasslands, and dirt. Those are the specifics. Looking at the bigger picture, it’s seen that no matter what we do, or where we go, Earth is present. If home is a person, and a person lives in a house, and the house is on planet Earth, we can conclude that Earth is a universal home for all of us. We share it together.

‘We’ is not just the human population. It includes the birds, graceful in the sky, fluttering on land. It counts the reptiles, scaly and charming, lying in the shade after a long day. It has the amphibians, the creatures gifted with the ability to adapt easily to their surrounding temperatures. It illuminates the fish population, swimming in oceans much greater than us, living in water as we do on land. Along with these wonderful creatures is the existence of millions of others. Trees have their home on Earth too. Apple, mango, orange, you name it. This land is your land, this land is my land.

Earth is precious. Since we share it, it must be taken care of, by all of us. This can sound like a daunting task considering its immense size. But the little things build up. The movements continue to work towards a green future, one where Earth is protected, where we are protected. Clean energy is no longer science fiction material! Our fellow country Sweden has taken the lead with clean energy generated by burning fuel. Though it’s not through burning fossils. It’s through burning garbage! Electric filters purify the produced smoke, releasing clean carbon dioxide and water into the atmosphere. With 47% recycled and 52% burned, Sweden is running out of garbage! An even closer neighbor, William Kamkwamba from Malawi, has shown the world the beauty of wind energy by building wind mills in his village. A recent invention has reduced deforestation in his area. Cutting down trees for firewood is no longer the only option for generating gas needed for cooking. He created a biogas digester, which generates gas using cow dung. Nature always holds the key.

And for this very reason, it has become so necessary for us to cherish and protect the planet we live on. What can we do as individuals? Let’s follow the lead of the recyclers, the green energy users, and the gardeners. Let’s make the choice to view our home as not just a house, but an entire planet. A planet that needs love and care. May planet Earth, our home, stay evergreen.

About The Author

Paramjot Kaur
Youth Ambassador

To write is to paint thoughts into existence. Words are precious, containing the ability to take a reader to worlds that exist in our dreams. I seek to weave positivity into my storytelling. Currently an undergraduate student, I charter the ocean of academics, learning in school and from the outside world-- both have so much to teach me.

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