South African media has been accused of resistance to transformation. Who is going to transform the media? Government regulations?  Civil society or individual members of the society? African people have suffered racial oppression and prejudice for centuries. Colonial writers circulated negative racial stereotypes which inflicted self-hate syndrome to African people. This syndrome has captured the brains of people who are expected to save and enlighten their African brothers and sisters. Nevertheless, like house slaves and apartheid eskaries they are scavenging their own people.


These people resist the teachings Steve Biko, Robert Sobukwe, Marcus Garvey, Frans Fanon, Thomas Sankara, and many other black consciousness advocates. Some African journalists in South Africa who still suffer colonial and apartheid slave mentality work so hard to please their bosses. Even the previously most reputable weekly newspapers have relegated themselves into anti-social stirring instrument.


Indoni SA is disappointed about the City Press report on its 27th November Sunday issue, which clearly shows that the war is wedged against Minister Nhleko and Dr Nomcebo Mthembu’s private lives as a gateway to destroy Indoni SA which has become a thorn to some sectors of the society.


Indoni SA is aware that the bosses of these media houses and some elements in political formations are having nightmares about what Indoni SA is doing. It’s a pain in the ears of neo-colonialists to hear and see what Indoni is doing and its mission. Those who want African culture and heritage to be destroyed so that an African child continues to loose self-esteem and  rather self-hate, are abusing  media resources and power to get into Indoni SA and destroy it. Indoni SA is a moral regeneration movement that is reclaiming, promoting, preserving and conserving culture and heritage which was destroyed and demonised by colonial apartheid.


City Press never reported on any of Indoni SA activities since its inception because we have never been good news to them. City Press did not report about the Indoni programme on xenophobia, just because it was about enlightening Africans about the origins of xenophobia. In the midst of most media reports focusing on publishing images of African people at war amongst themselves, Indoni was the only organization that was trying to implant consciousness among the people about the causes of xenophobia and promote cohesion and tolerance amongst Africans. While Indoni works on unity of African people, other media were championing and fuelling division and hatred in the society.


Now it’s clear that all along City Press has been waiting not at rest searching for anything, just anything that can put Indoni SA in a bad light under the popular media labels of corruption. After all, an act of media corruption is committed by City Press to use citizens’ private lives to destroy Indoni SA. As Indoni we intend to protect our integrity and our authenticity.  We urge City Press to share the evidence of the R30Million payment proof   with other parties concerned e.g. Indoni SA.  If the City Press claims what it says it is, they must share the evidence.


Indoni SA strongly feels that the newspaper has caused enormous damage to the reputation of the movement. This report has caused a loss of confidence in our sponsors and potential funders. This will leave us with no choice but to take legal action against the newspaper for the damages incurred due to this unscrupulous strategy to destroy Indoni.  We need such money for our educational programmes of which it will seem to be hard to secure.


We are really shocked and dismayed but not intimidated by the behaviour of our African brothers who are determined to be used by anti-African forces to destroy Africans. We will always forgive our ‘Black’ brothers and sisters who were the beneficiaries of colonial apartheid because they were always made to feel better than other Africans through their benefits as seconders to whites.

Hands Off Indoni SA!


  1. There has NEVER been any R30Million from the ministry of police to Indoni, not even R1Million as was broken down in the Sunday issue.
  2. Yes there is a partnership between Indoni and Ministry of Police based on educating young people against crime, stolen goods and promote morals and manners, signed with the then Minister of Police, Mr Nathi Mthethwa! (Or does the Nathi name confuse you because all blacks are the same!)
  3. Yes Indoni did and still does run a campaign against Xenophobia/Afrophobia which was initiated before the xenophobic attacks of 2015, therefore when the attack broke out Indoni offered a helping hand to the ministry of police to assist since Indoni has researched and contextualised teaching material and programme to help in the long term prevention of xenophobic attacks; tolerance amongst African and social cohesion.


Even though Indoni didn’t receive the funding to carry out these mass education in communities, we did however continue the campaign against xenophobia because protection of African dignity and African unity is in the forefront of our objectives. Therefore it is very disturbing when certain media trivialise the death of African and demoralise the efforts of uniting African people.


Africans we need to wake up and stop being test-tube experiment. Africans we need to wake up to ourselves and introspect to see even when we are the perpetual of our suffering. Just because it’s lighter in skin than you, it’s not more superior than you. Black journalist stop selling stories for money when they are killing you. Indoni is you.



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