What is #Jaxpirational ?

#Jaxpirational is an inspirational video series of all the wonderful souls who have crossed my path and have inspired me to do better every day in every way. It is also a Twitter Stream of Consciousness, where people Tweet with intentional positivity every Wednesday.

The word #Jaxpirational came about when I was looking for a memorable hashtag that no one had ever used before, simply so everyone could simply keep track of the conversation on Twitter. I took my nickname ‘Jax’ and added ‘inspirational’ to form the hashtag.

What is a Twitter Stream of Consciousness?

This is not a Twitter Chat, but instead a constant flow of positive Tweets throughout the day which allows people to join in at any time that they are able to. Everyone is encouraged to share more positive, uplifting and inspirational Tweets on Twitter using the hashtag #Jaxpirational and I will Retweet them. Anyone is most welcome to like and share their favourite Tweets on their profiles; thus ensuring a steady stream of positivity that reaches further beyond my own wall.

I only have  2 rules:

1. Please be mindful of what you post and do not post anything negative. This includes possibly inflammatory topics such as politics, religion, race, social issues etc. Those will NOT be Retweeted.

2. No self-promotion is allowed – so anything with a link will NOT be shared.

Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed an alarming trend on Social Media. What I’ve seen is that everyone is all to eager to jump in and add their two cents to negative topics or comments, sharing this negativity all over the web. Once you’ve put something out there into cyberspace, it is very difficult to remove it. Even after you delete it someone else may already have seen it and you simply can’t erase your negative words from their mind.

My aim is to promote as much positivity as I can through my words and videos on my blog and on my Twitter feed every Wednesday.

For more information about #Jaxpirational please do stop by my blog:

www.thejaxblog.com/jaxpirational and meet the people who have made a positive impact on my life in my #Jaxpirational series on my VLOG every Wednesday.

Look forward to spreading some love on Twitter with you for a #Jaxpirational Wednesday!

Much Love & Lightness,

The Jax




About The Author

Travel Blogger & Social Media Trainer/Marketer/Influener

Founder of The Jax Blog & The Jax Inc - former corporate slave turned Solopreneur. With over 15 years of International and Domestic experience in the Hospitality Industry, this thirty-something year old global gypsy, travel junkie & foodie, has taken a decidedly different step in the digital direction as a Twitvangelist/Social Media Addict & iPhonographer in the making. I am a proudly South African chick with an eclectic appetite for the unusual, and an insatiable curiosity for sense of adventure. I love: chocolate, cupcakes (making them), vino, the beach, all things shiny and meeting new people! I happily share my stories, photos, videos and reviews of all the places and faces I've met along the way on my blog. Above all, I value a life of authenticity and feel very strongly about giving back, female empowerment and humanity. We are all but visitors on this earth for a short time, we need to make it count!

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