Unfortunately, gender-based violence in South Africa continues to be a profound and widespread issue in many homes across the country. Furthermore, with the lockdown in place, things haven’t gotten easier for domestic violence victims. 

However, as despairing as things are right now, remember that there are plenty of people and organisations willing to help victims of child and women abuse – POWA (People Opposing Women Abuse) is one of them. They have been dedicated to providing services such as shelter, counselling and legal advice for victims of abuse for over 30 years. 


You can also play your part in helping victims of domestic violence. If you know people who are in abusive relationships – reach out, show them support and end the silence against domestic violence. We’re in this together. 

JOKO has partnered with POWA on the ‘#EndDomesticSilence’ initiative to empower women to speak out against domestic violence in South Africa. They donate R1 from every pack to POWA which amounts to R5 million every year to help create safe spaces where victims of domestic violence can end the silence, and end the violence.

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