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Jelly Beanz Inc. offers mental health services to children that have been affected by trauma and abuse. There is a long history of community development work in South Africa and this has led to the understanding that we live in a society that is not equal, creating greater levels of disadvantage for some communities. This is not the fault of individuals but the way that society is structured. Jelly Beanz Inc. recognises that some families, individuals and communities do not have equal access to mental health services. This is why Jelly Beanz Inc. tries to target areas that experience high levels of disadvantage and struggle.

Jelly Beanz Inc. envisions a society where all children growing up in Southern Africa should be free to live, love, learn, play and grow up emotionally healthy and thereby creating self-reliant and emotionally healthy communities.

To responsibly apply resources to provide and promote the provision of appropriate mental health services to children that have been traumatised, and their families within Southern Africa. The scope of services will take into account the necessity of prevention through to early intervention within the context of cultural diversity.

South Africa has one of the highest rates of violence against women and children in the world. There are very few healing resources available to help our children and families, and the majority of children will never be able to access mental health services. Jelly Beanz Inc. endeavours to provide hope, services and resources to help children who have experienced trauma and abuse.

Jelly Beanz Inc. was founded in 2009 by women who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of children that have experienced maltreatment. The founders, Marita Rademeyer and Edith Kriel, have both been working with children in a healing capacity for over 22 years.

Our dream is for children to have access to services to help them and their families in healing from trauma, as well as for professionals to be better equipped in working effectively with children. We aim to find creative African solutions to our struggles.

Who are the leaders that drive the helm? Who are the nurses that pass the scalpels?

Board members:

Marita Rademeyer

Michelle Korevaar

Edith Kriel

The ‘nurses’ (from left to right):

Gayle Hoogeboom

Loryn Davies

Vatiswa Tom


From left to right: Gayle Hoogeboom, Loryn Davies, Vatiswa Tom & Danni



KHUSELA means ‘protect’ in the isiXhosa language. All programme activities in this project are geared towards psycho-education and strengthening resilience in children and families to prevent child abuse, neglect, trauma and exploitation.

Outcome: Children, parents, caregivers and communities will be empowered with knowledge and skills to mitigate against child abuse and neglect.

means ‘heal’ in the Xhosa language, all programme activities related to this programme are geared towards restoring mental health to our children who have been affected by trauma and abuse.

Outcome: Reduction in the number of vulnerable, at risk children and families, with a view to reducing trans-generational abuse and promoting community self-reliance.


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