Roeshdien Jaz, more popularly known as Mr Jaz, will be launching his new music single entitled “The Calling” on 5 May 2017 at the Cornerstone Institute Auditorium in Cape Town, in what will be a cancer awareness benefit concert.


As Cornerstone’s first official brand ambassador, Roeshdien is excited to share his much anticipated live release with students, staff and members of the public. 


Roeshdien originally started writing the verse, chorus and melody of “The Calling” while still in music school 13 years ago. However, in 2012, he was met with news that would forever change his life – he had cancer, and would need to undergo extensive treatment. 


During his recovery, Roeshdien realised that life is so much more than he imagined and states that “Life is not how much time we have on this planet, but ultimately how we choose to occupy our time,” and with this, “The Calling” was born.


As part of the launch of Roeshdien’s single at Cornerstone Institute, guest artists will be joining him, including Monique Hellenberg from The Voice and Goldfish, James Bhemgee from SA’s Got Talent, Makeeda Swan and Sipho “Kotobason” Ndebele, just to name a few. Phil de Lange from Smile Radio will be MCing the event.


This celebration of music with a purpose takes place on 5 May at 19h00 and tickets are available through Computicket or direct from Cornerstone Institute. For more information, visit


About Cornerstone Institute
Cornerstone Institute is an educational institute that offers both undergraduate and postgraduate studies to all people from all walks of life. However, what makes this institution different from the rest is their focus on community, and helping people to become contributing, critical and active citizens who are open to responding to life’s most profound moments in an open and authentic way.

Cornerstone Institute was founded in 1970 on the Cape Flats at a time when prospective black theologians were excluded from attending universities due to the oppressive laws of the former regime. As a response, the Cape Evangelical Bible Institute (now Cornerstone Institute) opened its doors and provided education to these unqualified pastors.

Much has changed since then, but their values haven’t. Grounded in a highly ethical ethos, with particular emphasis placed on leadership and professional integrity, Cornerstone Institute embraces diversity and works to empower the minority voice in our society, be that of a gender, racial, ethnic, doctrinal or political perspective.

Offering certificate, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes both online and on campus in Psychology, Media Studies, Business Studies, Theology, Education, Sociology and Community Development – students have access to excellent teaching, ease of access to affordable education and a vibrant learning experience from a registered institution.

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