The National Osteoporosis Foundation of South Africa (NOFSA) is the only non-profit organisation in South Africa dedicated to increase awareness about Osteoporosis voluntarily. Their endeavours are not supported by state funds. On 18 May, television and radio personality Dr Darren Green will host a silver-plated dinner and wine auction at Eureka Weddings and Function Venue in Durbanville to help raise funds for NOFSA.


Says Tereza Hough, CEO of NOFSA “It’s never too early or too late to prevent or treat Osteoporosis. Globally an osteoporotic fracture occurs every 3 seconds. Make sure you don’t end up as a statistic and start loving your bones today!”


Osteoporosis remains underdiagnosed and undertreated. The International Osteoporosis Foundation reports that 33% of women and 20% of men over the age of 50 years will suffer osteoporotic fractures. This results in nine million fractures every year. Yet, only a third of vertebral fractures come to clinical attention.


South Africa’s daily calcium intake is approximately 400-500mg per day, only half of the recommended intake of 1 000mg per day. It is also reported that 15% of our nation’s infants suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies and 13,2% of children have abnormally low calcium levels. Significant factors leading to these worrisome statistics include smoking, which contributes to calcium loss; caffeine, which causes loss of water and calcium in urine; and alcohol, which reduces both Vitamin D and Calcium levels.


Even though there is no cure for the Silent Disease, it can be prevented by increasing awareness of optimal bone health from a young age. Nutrition, Vitamin D, Calcium and exercise remain the cornerstones for preventing this bone disease, or to assist the body once Osteoporosis has formed.


For more information about the event, please contact Tania Ehlers at and visit for more information about the Silent Disease.

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