South African kids have responded remarkably to a call to wish everyone in the world well during the Covid-19 Crisis.

Retailer PEP put out the appeal on TV and social media for artistic messages of hope during the lockdown as a way of engaging children on the issue, giving them an enjoyable task and spreading some positivity. To date over 2500 kids have shared their pictures via Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter.

PEP’s Chief Marketing Officer Beyers van der Merwe, describes the quantity and quality of the children’s efforts as “overwhelming and heartwarming.”

#PEPCares has turned the images into a television commercial as well as shared them on Facebook and YouTube videos as animated GIFs.

Beyers says “the campaign reflects the fact that the entire world is in this Covid-19 crisis together and that every one of us, young and old, can contribute to putting out a positive message”. 

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