It is time to summon & coax your intrinsic and UNIQUE Empowerment with grace, to life!

Change is happening at a very fast pace, in fact your brain and body are under an enormous amount of stress to keep up with technology and options for every opportunity and growth. Every Woman now needs every ounce of her inner strength and to know herself in a way that carries balance for herself, the family and her career. Women are being called to step into their authentic and unique Power, and become THE balance in both Nurturing and Leaders as Change Masters!

The way forward in coping with ease, comes from within. A woman has an amazing Super Power that she has not yet captured in its fullest. She is being called upon to do that now. It is essential to the evolution of how families will survive and thrive, going forward. The powerfully positive effects will ripple through humanity in the next revolution in evolution.

Women are usually more competitive and fearful around other women. Those days are over! Communities of genuinely supportive women are mushrooming. Look at the EmpowerBillionWomen2020 as a global

This Transformation Retreat promises profound immediate integration in tools and techniques, incorporating professional Transformation Coaching, Neuroscience, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Nature, Music, Movement and Dance – designed exclusively for Women who want a healthy & fuller balance in life.  

  • Learn how to Experience the Beauty of who YOU really are, and are growing into being more of.
  • What is and how to Explore your true Purpose, How to Live in Balance and to Infuse your Business & Life with Passion & Zest. 
  • Set success Goals aligned with the Authenticity of your Unique Soul Purpose. 

Integration of change and purpose is immediate and sustainable. It is time to own your life and make an impact as an Empowered Woman. Join the movement of feminine leadership, relearn thinking communication and your life, and lets out Respect back on the table in households, together.


About Charlotte:

With more than 20years experience as an Entrepreneur, covering topics ranging from Resilience, Empowerment, Stress Mgmnt, Charlotte has a unique skills set that ranges from Business & Life Coaching, Corporate Governance, NLP Master Practitioner, to Kundalini Yoga Teacher and internationally renowned Belly Dance instructor & Performer.
Bonus~she also has her own Aging & Wellness business, guaranteed to change your life forever! 
She is an Education based Speaker, Professionnal Coach & an Author of 3 books in the series

  1. Your Hidden Genius SuperPower – Revolutionise Conflict Resolution
  2. Your Hidden Genius SuperPower – Build & Bank Relationship Capital
  3. Your Hidden Genius SuperPower – Authentic Empowerment for Amazing Women

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