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The SPICE4LIFE Youth Academy’s motto is “win or loose, I will always do my best” and a golden thread through all that we try accomplish is to create a winning spirit and to teach the children how to choose to make better decisions, recognise the importance of teamwork and supporting each others’ goals and dreams. Nutrition, clothing and social issues are all addressed by the adults, especially in cases where the children are compromised. The concept is to be involved and active and show support, care, interest and together help bring love and light, hope and positive solutions into their life.“


Michelle first met Mandla Tyobidyasi in 2009, when she was serving as Vice President for the Chamber of Commerce and managing the outreach committee. They adopted his wish at the time, but after the world cup, Michelle continued to support him in her private capacity and the relationship grew from there.


To show love, support and nurture children in whichever way they may need it. “Win or loose, I will always do my best.”


The vision is to nurture children to reach their full potential.

Phase 1

We use sport as a point of entry to connect and interact with children from underprivileged communities and address grass root issues while giving them fun and life’s happier moments through being able to play, as children should.


Meet Mandla and MichelleMEET MANDLA & MICHELLE

The SPICE4LIFE Youth Academy was started by Michelle and Mandla, a man on a mission to improve the lives and futures of the underprivileged youth in the Dunoon township area. His focus on mentoring these kids who have very little to look forward to by getting them all out and active through something they all truly love – PLAYING SPORT. Michelle founded the SPICE4LIFE Youth Academy with the purpose of supporting Mandla’s dream and following one of her own missions in community by connecting with, informing, inspiring and empowering the youth of tomorrow.

It is our hope that we identify multiple avenues to reach the children of underprivileged areas, where we can engage, nurture talent and show them their potential by teaching them a skill set that is inline with their ability (and not get involved with the any negative options) due to the fact that they have goals, provided with mentors and together we can build a brighter future.

The opening point of contact and engagement with the children is to congregate and engage with children. It is an arena that they automatically choose, it is fun, healthy, teaches them life skills, team sport, motivates to win, acceptance of loss and provides a community with which we can engage and address self-worth, identify talent, identify problems that need to be addressed and bring an overall productive and winning spirit into their lives.

It has allowed us an opportunity to establish connections, trust, report and share laughs and so much more. So much that it hurts as the bonds are forged and ultimately we have built a mutual respect. This has provided the perfect foundation for identifying social and other issues that need to be addressed.

Letting each child from very small through to the 18 year olds know that they count and are cared for. Assistance with day-to-day survival through food parcels, clothes and toiletries as well as an element of social work is often needed.

The boys soccer team, which has grown rapidly and the academy now has a number of teams ranging from U9 to U18 and even a senior boys team. Our soccer team has done exceptionally well. All our boys are registered with SAFA and participate in various leagues around Cape Town. Mandla’s passion is to provide hope to the youth and expand the academy by getting, not just the boys involved, but the girls too.

SPICE4LIFE’s mission is to provide these children with the kit, equipment, transport, entrance fees and refreshments they need to enable them to practice and play in the local soccer leagues.

Together, Mandla (a strong, passionate leader and role model) and Mary-Ann (a compassionate, caring and invested mother figure to the children) provide mentorship and support that bring camaraderie, skill set and activities for the children in Dunoon Community, Western Cape. Originally there were close to 14 children, a few years later there are over 300 children.

Mandla is busy with his referee course and with sponsorship we hope to get Mary-Ann to a social worker and first aid course. The SPICE4LIFE Youth Academy’s Sport division aims to provide a blueprint protocol that we can share with other communities to adopt. For now it is the grounding and starting point for the families in the Community. The SPICE4LIFE Youth Academy in Dunoon, is open to all children from the ages of 5 – 19 years of age and provides a safe space and environment for these children to come together, play sport, and learn about maintaining an honest and sustainable lifestyle.

There are a total of 300 boys and girls who are hoping and praying that a small kindness will be extended their way so that their dream of participating in something that provides them with hope for a brighter future can become a reality. They are counting on us to make this all happen!

The youth academy has great potential – not just for children – but holds opportunities for the academy to reach out to the parents of these children. Michelle, with the assistance of Mandla and Mary-Anne, are looking for sponsorship and funding with the hopes to open a training centre for women (15 – 30 years of age), who have not had personal funding for education. The objective of this is to educate and empower disadvantaged women, from a young age, with the possibility of future employment. The SPICE4LIFE Youth Academy aims to assist as many families, in a variety of projects, within the local community.

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