Celebration is the focus for the Month of September. Join us as we celebrate Hope! It is with this intent and purpose in mind that The Sunflower Fund urges all South Africans to save the date, 15 September, because that’s when YOU can do something to make a difference to patients needing a blood stem cell transplant. The action is simple: Purchase your TOPE (Tube of Hope) and celebrate Sunflower Day.


A TOPE is an appealing, trendy and multi-purpose accessory product which can be worn as a headband, mask, scarf, cap or arm band. TOPES are available at Pick n Pay stores across the country and Namibia, or online at Zando during August and September 2017 for R25 each.   “We are very excited about this year’s design, which come in six vibrant colours, and inspired by a message of hope” says Traci Sassenberg, Head of Marketing at The Sunflower Fund. “We hope to see everyone wearing their TOPE on Sunflower Day in support of our patients and survivors.”


The theme of this year’s campaign is “Its ordinary people who do the most extraordinary things that make a real difference”.


“To see our TOPES being worn with pride is not just an honour for us, but a salute to our survivors, our fighters, our memories of loved ones; it is a show of support, a symbol of Hope.” says Alana James, CEO of The Sunflower Fund.


Funds raised will offer the hope of life to patients in need of a life-saving blood stem cell transplant. With more than 160 000 TOPES sold last year, we were able to recruit and register another 1,488 potential blood stem cell donors onto the Registry.  This year we aim to sell 200 000 and encourage both our loyal and new supporters to rally together and get on board to help us reach our goal.


Support the Sunflower Day campaign by buying your TOPE for your staff, use the social media banners and/or download the posters!


All info can be found on our website:  www.sunflowerfund.org.za


Posters: https://www.sunflowerfund.org.za/sunflower-day-2017/corporates-and-companies/poster-artwork-downloaded-printed/

Social media posts: https://www.sunflowerfund.org.za/sunflower-day-2017/corporates-and-companies/social-media-posts/

PayFast: https://www.sunflowerfund.org.za/hope-begins-with-you/donation-option/


You can also help The Fund by becoming a donor or visiting www.sunflowerfund.org.za to make a quick and easy cash donation. For more information or to register please contact The Sunflower Fund on toll-free number: 0800 12 10 82.

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