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Our highly creative, skilled and passionate team will weave a tapestry of personalised and interactive communication journeys that focus on strengthening your relationships with your clients and accelerating your revenue potential. We help you to streamline your sales process and minimise human intervention while still maintaining a personal touch. Our goal is unlocking your up-sell, re-sell, cross-sell and referral opportunities.

Collaboration, transparency and generating results are the cornerstone of our service delivery – and we partner with you to create a holistic solution that combines our unique technology platform with highly effective strategies.

At Torque we understand the challenges unique to business and tailor our solutions to your specific needs. We constantly innovate our technology and techniques and ensure that we meet your changing requirements.

Torque currently services over 150 companies and we have extensive experience with key players across numerous industries. With staff in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town, Torque is ideally positioned to provide customised solutions for SMEs and large corporates in a variety of industries in South Africa.
Leaders behind the brand

Garreth Van Rensburg – Managing Director

As founder and Managing Director, Garreth truly is the heart of Torque. Known for his ability to work hard and play hard, Garreth fills his spare time canoodling with his wife, watching sport and dabbling in the Cape Piscatorial Society. Okay, maybe he doesn’t play that hard…

Sally Acton – Operational Director

As a natural born leader, Sally has been the cement behind the success of Torque for the past five years, growing Torque’s client pool dramatically. But her talent doesn’t end there; Sally is a qualified Chef and Hotel Manager and has an entirely separate room at home for her shoe collection.


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