The WIIN Women Movement launches action, and tools for safety and empowerment!

In 2015, the UN rapporteur concluded South Africa fails badly at Domestic Violence and Intimate Femicide. South Africa suffers severely pain because DV takes place at the rate of 1 million cases a day. 95% of the South African women must deal with it in their lives.

Francesca Fondse, elected National Champion of Women with DOJ & CD, created WIIN, the Women Network and the WIIN App, the Action Platform against domestic violence, intimate femicide, violence against children and human trafficking, for South African women, youth and children.

The WIIN women App has been in creation, with extensive off-line testing, and is launching and will be live on the 19th of October 2018

Ms. Fondse, the founder of WIIN, aims to create national awareness and attention to destigmatize open discussion, to stop the silence, to mobilize and join all forces to set domestic peace standards, to hand out practical approach and guidance with protection, training, empowerment and a national network of WIIN Ambassadors, as well as the empowerment of victims and all women to become female entrepreneurs as small and medium business owners.

WIIN launches two online and offline ecosystems on October 19th,2018.

Online: the www.wiinwomen.comwebsite and the WIINwomen App

Offline: The National Network of WIIN Ambassadors, local initiatives, live trainings, NGO development and DOJ&CD Dialogues, in partnership with the Directorate for Vulnerable Groups.

The 2015/2016 World Health Organization (WHO) report shows a very disheartening 53% increasein the number of women who experienced offences in SA.

Femicide rates in South Africa are five times higherthan the global average. According to the UN Rapporteur Report, 2015 it is estimated that 1,300+ South African women are murdered annually by their partners and close relations. The data reveal a need for urgent action to end all forms of violence and specifically gender-based violence and intimate femicide.

Socio-economic empowerment of women and girls offers a solution that will alleviate or could completely address underlying causes of violence, especially among poor women.  Women Integral Impact Network (WIIN) was founded in 2017 to empower vulnerable women with financial knowledge, personal wellness, and financial independence to prevent femicide and overcome the effects of domestic violence within households and workplaces.

Since February 2017, Ms. Fondse has been training thousands with DOJ&CD within the Law-Enforcement departments, through the DOJ&CD Dialogues on Domestic Violence and Intimate Femicide. In WIIN, she has addressed many women’s organizations and trained 40 thousand young women insafety measures and understanding of the laws which are meant to protect them. She has further engaged with CoGTA and our Traditional Leaders, to create awareness on practices which could be interpreted to conflict with international human rights, gender rights, and the Domestic Violence Act of SA.

WIIN launched the Empowered Women and Youth in South Africa (EWYSA) Projectduring July 2018, which offers a unique solution that builds upon existing interventions by providing a network that will champion for socio-economic empowerment of vulnerable women, girls and other key populations across the country.

WIIN’s methodology is based on the premise that economic empowerment of vulnerable and unbankable women helps them to make choices that will result in their wellbeing and address the underlying causes of gender-based violence, especially in their homes.

The WIIN App is primarily an intervention tool for safety!

However, the WIINApp and the www.wiinwomen.comwebsite also serves as tools for empowerment, education & training, training personal wellbeing, financial literacy and a supportive network for women.

The WIIN ecosystem is creating Provincial offices, from which Regional offices are created, to spread the movement into the Municipalities.

WIIN aims to complete its core network by the end of Year 2020.

WIIN will empower local NGOs with training to have more impact, create lasting results and sustainability, through the WIIN movement.

WIIN has its Head Office in Centurion, and one international director based in the Netherlands. The team will be supported by 9 Provincial Managers, 52 District Managers and 780 WIIN Ambassadors based in 205 local municipalities.

Francesca Fondse, the DOJ&CD Champion for Women, serves with many departmental professionals on the Intersectoral Committee, drafting the National Prevention Strategy with regards to domestic violence, Chaired by Adv. Praise Kambula, DOJ&CD Directorate for Vulnerable Groups.

This Directorate steers the upcoming Presidential Summit in November, and Ms. Fondse, will be involved and serving the welfare of women in South Africa.

Donations to this incredible outreach can be done via the www.wiinwomen.comwebsite, or via  


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Jabulisile Ramafoko


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