we logoWise Economy, or WE, is a non-political and non-profit international organization for the development of women’s and young people’s entrepreneurship worldwide. The association is also a joint international platform for those, who are interested in an open dialog on what a wise economy could imply and be in the future. WE cooperates with researchers and partners to find other economic values than those prevailing today.

WE is proud of its 4 major groups of people already engaged:

1. The CORE EXPERTS linked to WE have 20 years experience promoting women entrepreneurs in developing countries.

2. The strong INTERNATIONAL BRAINBOARD, are carefully selected experts in various fields for inspiration, guidance and innovative thinking.

3. The INTERNATIONAL CORPORATE MENTORBANK, are dedicated people from where experts can be sent out as mentors to NGOs, networks and companies in developing countries.

4. The PARTNERING NGOs  that has been involved in the cooperation – from Sweden en over 20 countries.


WE builds global networks in Africa and other continents.

WE supports the development of entrepreneurship and trade between cooperating partners and link research to find the positive mechanisms.

WE expands by building on already established contacts, WE has partners in: Europe, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Ethiopia, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Brazil and Peru.

WE offers unique training tools for Women entrepreneurship and the role of fathers in society.

WE provides Senior Corporate Mentors from its MentorBank to NGOs

WE acts as Mediator between Financiers and the innovative/creative project ideas.


Find our more about OUR PARTNERS.




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