Logo WEWWomen Entrepreneurs Worldwide was established in 2008 for the purpose of:

“Building Cultural Relationships and Networking Bridges Globally”

Serving as a conduit for connecting Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide. Its platform is interaction, producing a greater understanding of diversity of cultures, communications, business opportunities, ideas, through participation in forum tours, conferences around the globe, thereby allowing ideas and information to possibly assist in the global economic recovery.

Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide is a woman-owned, diversely-staffed organization founded in 2008, in Little Elm, Texas by Ms. Cheryl Collins.

As its name implies, Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide was conceived to meet the unique business needs of women around the globe. Cheryl Collins has a vision for WEW that is deeply influenced by her international travels, most recently to the Middle Eastern country of Dubai. Her visits to various regions of the globe, continuous relationship and rapport building, dialogue and belief that respect for cultural diversity, enhancement and encouragement of women will manifest the Projects.  She continues to meet with and encounter influential businesspersons and supporters who welcome her visions.

WEW is as much an idea of success-building as it is a process and formula for advancing individual and collective achievement in the world of work. Her overseas journeys have helped crystallize WEW’s mission, noting that business opportunities for women have risen along with the growth of technology, manufacturing and the multi-gender workplace.

WEW is principally a consulting “enabler”, an organization poised to provide guidance and directed resources to women-owned/managed businesses, and consultation to WEW clients in those project communities identified and secured.

High on WEW’s research agenda is understanding how relationship structures and roles impact entrepreneurship at varied social levels. For example, in certain rural villages and towns, women entrepreneurs dominate animal husbandry and farming businesses (cattle herding and fishing are generally male-dominated enterprises in the cited countries). In other rural settings, women’s entrepreneurship focuses on gathering, and merchandising agricultural and textile goods. Urban women’s entrepreneurship, by contrast, is centered around technology, manufacturing, and office/administration activities. In every instance, women’s entrepreneurship is girded by entrenched customs that helped to create divisions of labor, systems of compensation and community standing. This sensitivity is viewed by WEW as an “enabling” point of practice… assisting and strengthening the principal mission, raising competencies without disrupting the status quo, nor degrading time-honored relationships.

Upcoming Projects:

The China/Africa Project and Women Entrepreneurs of the Middle East

These countries were selected because each have burgeoning economies, and vibrant, progressive politico-cultural atmospheres for women’s businesses. Another guiding mission factor is that all have longstanding traditions of women entrepreneurship at the rural-tribal, and urban levels. WEW recognizes that paths to entrepreneurship in these areas are different, one from another, but operate on the platform of relationships.

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