Simunye ‘We Are One’ is at the heart of Zip Zap, an organisation with a vision of bringing a nation together, starting with its children. Simunye is a social circus project aimed to bring youth from different backgrounds together with the goal of learning new skills, working with one another to make friends and put on a great show. 


“Zip Zap has grown and matured into a fully-fledged social circus over the years; not simply as a place to learn performance skills but also as a tool for individual and community development, as well as social transformation,” says Laurence Estève, Co-founder of Zip Zap Circus School.


The organisation embraces the spirit of ‘ubuntu’, meaning: ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’ and aims to inspire young people and help build a culture of peaceful coexistence in South Africa. “Our children come from different backgrounds; some are less privileged than others. They collaborate together as circus brothers and sisters and work towards a common goal of performing their hearts out,” says Estève. 


Zip Zap’s transformative projects reach over 1500 children a year and are completely free of charge for all. The organisation operates solely off of donations and has an impeccable track record of transparency, integrity and fairness. Zip Zap’s ‘Sponsor A Child’ initiative provides the opportunity to change a child’s life. “Becoming a sponsor means that you become a part of a venture to reach a dream, giving underprivileged youth the opportunity to develop and reach their full potential,” says Tania Majavie, Sustainability Manager at Zip Zap.


The training and interpersonal communication offered are believed to foster creativity and cooperation. Participants develop valuable social skills by coming together and getting involved in tasks that require teamwork, developing shows, going on tour, organising social outings and responding to social issues and challenges that arise. The children build confidence, strength and trust in one another all in the spirit of ‘ubuntu’.


“Sponsors are actively involved in the development and transformation of their beneficiaries and are kept updated on their personal and professional development,” explains Estève. “There is an open invitation to all the donors to visit the dome any time, any day, to experience the Zip Zap magic first-hand. Should you make the investment in a child’s future and help them reach their dream, you will also receive tickets, as well as backstage passes, to see your sponsored child shine on the Zip Zap stage,” concludes Estève.


For more information about Zip Zap’s Simunye programme see their Youtube video or visit their website. To find out more about how you could become a sponsor contact Tania at or on 021 421 8623.

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