With International Cabernet Sauvignon Day that was on 30 August 2017, now is the opportune time to celebrate the addition of a sophisticated Cabernet Sauvignon to Boschendal estate’s prestigious 1685 range by award-winning red winemaker Richard Duckitt.


In a time when demand is high for the much loved ‘King of Reds’ but supply is limited due to the scarcity of quality Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards, this latest release from Boschendal has already received enthusiastic welcome – in fact,  it has been selected for the Sommelier Selection 2017 wine list by the Sommeliers Association of South Africa. This 2017 wine list features exceptional wines chosen from a shortlist of 500 of the country’s preeminent vintages.


This accolade comes at a time when the future of the Cabernet Sauvignon varietal is under threat, with Boschendal investing in securing it. Duckitt says, “With many producers in the process of pulling out their old Cabernet vineyards, it’s all the more important for us to plant vineyards in the right areas in order to ensure we’ll have premium quality grapes for the future.”


Hailing from Stellenbosch, the area where, according to Duckitt, all the best Cabernets are from, the 2015 vintage offers a pleasing vibrancy and depth, with a powerful character that combines dark red and black fruit.


The wine is impressive. It has powerful depth and cool climate elegance.  It pairs exceptionally with succulent steak and has a delicious black fruit and subtle oak spice vivacity on the nose. A rich Cabernet masculinity coupled with a flavoursome fruit core creates subtle notes for the palate to explore.


Says Duckitt, “Boschendal has a proud history of producing great Cabs – we made our first Cabernet in 1978 and have sourced and secured great vineyards to produce this latest vintage. The Helderberg region of Stellenbosch is a place where everything comes together perfectly to produce a top quality wine. Texture and structure derive from the deep granite soils, whilst the South Easter breezes from False Bay to catalyse optimal ripeness, freshness and length.”


The Sommelier Selection 2017 wine list is shared with SA’s top dining establishments and sets the benchmark for leading wines and beers across various product categories.


For more information on Boschendal’s wine offerings, visit Boschendalwines.com.

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