If there’s one thing we know, it’s that a juicy burger is irresistible. If you’re planning on spending date night in doors, forget takeaways. Make the evening even more special by preparing a meal for your significant other.


No, we’re not talking about the Christmas-type-meals. We have something simpler in mind, like a yummy burger dripping in sauce. Here’s our top 3:


Bacon and cheese

We can hardly imagine life without bacon. Bacon makes everything better. Rough day? Crispy bacon will do the trick. Date night? Well, let’s just say you’ll be sleeping happily at the end of the night. What makes this burger extra special is that you can make the burgers from scratch. It’s not as difficult as it sounds and we are sure that the love of your life will be impressed. This bacon and cheese burger contains minimal ingredients and will give you maximum flavour!



A crumbed chicken fillet with your favourite toppings and spread with mayosounds a bit like heaven, right? Have “we’re in heaven by Bryan Adams” playing in the background while sinking your teeth into this delicious burger and your night will be magical! But this isn’t just any kind of chicken fillet, it’s coated in breadcrumbs and – wait for it – crushed cornflakes for extra flavour and a crunchier patty. Your date will be “patty” in your hands when they taste this chicken burger created from scratch.



Imagine: juicy lamb and zesty cranberries, balanced by creamy Hellmann’s Mayonnaise in a soft bun. Okay now stop imagining, head to the grocery store and prepare this for date night. If you want to surprise them with a unique-tasting burger that they won’t be able to get anywhere else, this one should be on the menu. Trust us, you’ll never want to eat another lamb burger every again!


They say the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. These yummy burger recipes will ensure you get to their heart and keep the key.

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