The Cape Brewing Company (CBC) proudly presents Raspberry and Peach Krystal Weiss, CBC’s newly developed fruity beer mix drinks. Inspired by the original Berliner Weiss, a fruity flavoured kettle sour beer produced in the capital of Germany, the Berliner Weiss flavours are originally either Raspberry, Peach or Woodruff. CBC made a play on the original and developed the first “Berliner Weiss” syrups in Africa with natural Raspberry and natural Peach flavours. A brand-new beer style was born by blending the syrups with the award-winning CBC Krystal Weiss.


Food enthusiasts and craft beer lovers would be familiar with the pairing of food and beer, but many may not be aware of the influence that fruit has in the making of beer. The Raspberry and Peach Krystal Weiss variants both contain 97% of the award-winning Krystal Weiss and 3% of the natural fruit syrup. CBC’s Brewmaster Wolfgang Koedel says, “South African craft brewers have vastly overlooked the production of fruit and craft beer mixed drinks, and CBC has accepted the challenge to cater for the non-beer drinking market by tapping into the fruity, flavoured side of things.”


Available in 340ml bottles, the carefully selected combination of Krystal Weiss and fruit flavours are refreshing, with a well-balanced flavour-experience of sweet and sour, making it the perfect drink for the summer season. The fruity sensations are produced with natural ingredients. With less sugar than regular wine coolers and 97% pure, award winning Krystal Weiss, it is the ideal refreshing drink for beer lovers and none-beer drinkers – male and female alike.  


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