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We are South Africa´s No. 1 Online Store when it comes to variety on coffee capsules and strive to make great coffee easily accessible and affordable throughout South Africa. Our vision is simple, we want you to experience happiness in a cup – with coffee.

The coffee culture especially here in South Africa is changing rapidly. Big companies like Nespresso® and Lavazza® are very successful because the general demand for quality, but also a quick-to-grab coffee is growing. However, the big players charge horrendous prices, and that is not because the quality of the coffee is better: after all coffee is the second biggest commodity in the world. We didn´t like the high prices, we wanted a fair priced product.

The mission is to educate people about “think global, buy local” which is why we offer locally manufactured coffee capsules on our Store that only cost a fraction of the price of what the big players charge.

We are a very service orientated company, and believe in premium coffee for a fair price. Always be honest and truthful, and educate.

We are South Africa´s No. 1 Online Store when it comes to coffee capsules. So if you got a Nespresso, Caffeluxe or Lavazza Blue machine, you can place your capsule order online. Most of our capsules are manufactured locally here in Cape Town under the highest international standards, and we have got over 15 blends to choose from, it is a coffee lover´s paradise.

We as Coffee Capsules Direct also rent and sell Espresso coffee machines that work with coffee capsules so that a cuppa can be ready in 30 seconds. We include set up, maintenance and delivery free of charge. Plus, there is no contract! A lot of beauty and hair salons use our system to offer their clients good coffee, but offices, cardealerships and hotels like it too!

Rowan, our director, started the capsule manufacturing company about 5 years ago as a family business because he himself had a Nespresso® machine, and was paying through his teeth for coffee. So his family decided to develop a local alternative that would still offer the premium quality but at a fair price. Coffee Capsules Direct was born in May 2013 as the demand for convenience was growing rapidly. Costumers wanted their coffee to be delivered to their door, which is why we started our Online Store for coffee capsules, bringing the best blends around the globe to coffee lovers in South Africa.

Coffee Capsules Direct has been trading since May 2013. Almost 2 years later we supply hundreds of clients on a daily basis with their most favourite coffee capsules and blends. We also got a number of customers who rent one of our Nespresso® style machines on a monthly basis (from R70 a month in Cape Town).

A big goal is to grow our Online Shop for coffee capsules even more in the future. We strive to offer the widest variety of flavours and blends so that every coffee lover finds his absolute favourite coffee experience. One of our dreams is to continuously improve the quality of our products and blends. One dream that has already come true: Our African Collection won an award for best breakfast product at the Wabel grocery summit in Paris! So now we can say “try our award winning coffee”.

We are involved in community projects in-house, as we support our Accounts Manager, Gaynor, with her yearly knitting projects for Mandela Day. Gaynor and her family knit throughout the year and then hand over their knitting on Mandela Day. Just recently, 130 slippers went to an old age home. We are also looking into collecting donations via our Online Store for various projects, as we feel that it is important to give back to the community.

We got an absolute fantastic Team. Rowan our Director is surrounded by 4 wonderful women driving the ship! Judy in Marketing, Megan in Sales, Gaynor in Accounts and Yvonne in customer service.


Get to know Coffee Capsules Marketing manager Judy Walter.

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