The Kitchen at Weylandts, located at four of the of Weylandts Home Outfitters stores, has introduced nitro cold brew coffee to its menu, just in time for your summer shopping. This exciting addition will be available at the Green Point, Durbanville and Kramerville stores.


Cold brew coffee, or NCB, is a cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen, pressurised and passed through a valve – and the end result is an ice cold coffee topped with a creamy coffee layer, served straight out of the tap. It’s a bit like a Guinness, but with caffeine rather than alcohol. Nitrogen bubbles are smaller in size than those of carbon dioxide, which makes it more difficult for the water in either beer or coffee to dissolve, resulting in a beverage that is thick and creamy. The nitrogen effect also cuts the acidity of the traditional cold brew, making it easier on the stomach.


The art of Good Living is a core Weylandts philosophy, and this is reflected in the deceptively simple flavour combinations at The Kitchen at Weylandts. Mouth-watering gourmet sandwiches and tasty baked goods are matched only by the good cup of coffee that the in-store eateries have become well-known for.


“We are constantly evolving our brand and our product offering, and we are pleased to be bringing nitro cold brew coffee in-store at Weylandts. Adding this smooth-drinking coffee to our menu will make a refreshing addition to the shopping experience at Weylandts,” says Chris Weylandt, founder and owner of Weylandts.


With the higher caffeine than ordinary coffee, a nitro brew coffee stop will certainly keep you going during your last-minute holiday shopping.


The additions to the menu are:

Nitro Cold Brew: R 30

Nitro Cold Brew & Orange Juice: R 35

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