The uniquely South African snack, that’s perfect for banting and a rugby essential, will be celebrated throughout South Africa on 12 September! You probably wanted to stop reading here to go and buy some biltong, but please read on because this is important stuff!

One might ask why this hasn’t happened before, how can South Africa’s most loved snack not have a day dedicated to it? You get Melktert Day, Chocolate Day, Pancake Day and even those random ones like sit next to a stranger day for goodness sake! You might also be wondering, if you’re still reading and not stuffing your face with the best snack in the world, is this official? Well what makes something official? The answer is quite simple, participation! Therefore we’d like to encourage South Africa to get their biltong on for “National Biltong Day” and by doing so help us make it official! Be it beef, kudu, springbok, or even chicken biltong, let’s rally together and as South Africans declare #BiltongDay!

We’ve gone as far as to create a website ( and a nifty hashtag competition, just use #BiltongDay and stand a chance to win 10kg of beef biltong! We’re not asking much. All that the people of South Africa have to do is to get some biltong, then eat and share it. Depending on your level of biltong addiction sharing could just be spreading your biltong moments all over social media.

To make sharing your actual biltong that much easier the Checkers supermarket chain has also come to the party and will be selling bulk beef biltong at R138.99 on National Biltong Day (Hint: stock up for the Rugby World Cup).

Even Suzelle DIY is in on the action:

Biltong is an integral part of our South African culture, so what better time to celebrate this unifying protein source than during Heritage Month, exactly one week before South Africa’s first Rugby World Cup game! So let’s stand or sit together, eat biltong and together declare National Biltong Day on 12 September!

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