– This latest sought-after art collector’s piece is the seventh edition in the Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition series –


Hennessy is proud to announce the latest art-inspired packaging of the classic Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition collaboration with New York’s Harlem born graffiti artist-turned-art world phenomenon urban artist, JonOne. For the first time since Hennessy began its urban art-inspired limited edition series, the selected artist created a standalone masterpiece to express his vision of Hennessy.  The creation of the design itself mirrors the elaboration process of the cognac.


“JonOne is a unique talent who shares many traits with Hennessy,” notes Bernard Peillon, Chairman and CEO of Maison Hennessy.  “Jon has an open spirit, he stays curious.  His passion lies in constantly pushing his work to new heights, new territories, even though he is already a true master, and has nothing left to prove. Like Hennessy, he never stops and never settles.”


With an energy that has come to define his style, JonOne applied layer upon layer of splashes of colour, intermixed with Hennessy’s own imagery – thus echoing the complex layers of flavors and aromas the Master Blender creates during the blending process. Over the course of several days and nights, JonOne painted layer upon layer to create a canvas that would become the bottle design itself, and in doing so, established a rich visual language for the collaboration.


“When you speak to people at Hennessy who love what they do it really resonates. I can completely relate to that emotion: They create beauty with their own hands; they know the joy of creation. For them and for me, it’s not just a job, it’s part of your life,” the artist explains.


Colours, symbols and freestyle brush strokes combined different graphic techniques to reveal a fresh artistic vision of Hennessy codes: 1765, the year Hennessy was founded; the grapevines, representing the source of Cognac’s prized eaux-de-vie; the diamond quilted pattern, which envelops the cork on each bottle; and the three stars, evocative of the early days of Hennessy Very Special’s quality classification. The result is a final artwork that perfectly blends the styles of both artist and Maison.


“The freedom of the street is what made me want to pursue art in the first place,” notes JonOne. “The subway is like a museum that runs through the city. Then, as now, my question is always, “How do I make my art live?” I want people to look at it and say, “What is this?. Hopefully, they’ll be inspired. I want to see where it takes them — and where it might lead me next.”


This Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition by JonOne is the latest addition to an ongoing series of collaborations between Hennessy and internationally renowned urban artists, including Scott Campbell, Ryan McGinness, Shepard Fairey, Os Gemeos and Futura.


The Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition by JonOne will be exclusively available at Pick n Pay liquor stores nationwide from the 1st of July. Each 750ml bottle will retail at R429.95.


For more information about the Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition bottle by JonOne, visit www.hennessy.com. Follow Hennessy on Facebook (HennessySouthAfrica) and Instagram (@HennessySA) using #‎HennessySA.

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