Ice Bombs is a range of popsicles that are made using real, sun-ripened, locally sourced fruit. 

Launched in June 2016, the Ice Bomb range has seen tremendous growth over the last four years. Says real fruit lolly pioneer and owner, Miklos Desi: “My wife, Antonella, and I started the Ice Bomb range after making lollies as a means of getting our kids to eat more fruit. Soon, we were getting requests for the lollies from all over, so we knuckled down and launched the range, and as they say, the rest is history! 

“Over the last four years, the Ice Bomb range has grown from strength to strength. We currently wholesale our lollies to over 100 stockists in Gauteng, KZN, Free State, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, North West, as well as the Western and Eastern Cape. We also retail them to the public from our online store – Going forward, we aim to expand our national footprint, and hopefully start exporting the Ice Bomb range to international markets as well,” explains Miklos. 

Made using real fruit

When asked about the secret behind the brand’s success, Miklos says: “I believe that the main reason behind the success of the Ice Bombs is the fact that they are made using real fruit. Although they do contain sugar, they also contain the nourishing goodness inherent in the real fruit that we use, which makes them better for you when compared to sweet treats with no nutritional benefits at all. With health becoming a major concern for most, consuming food that nourishes your body has become a major trend – with more and more consumers looking at the nutritional content of the food they purchase. The Ice Bombs are also bigger than most lollies – weighing in at 150 grams each – offering consumers more bang for their buck.”

Mother Nature’s flavour profiles

He says that the Ice Bombs are really easy to sell, as they are absolutely delicious: “Your customer needs to taste them once, and they will immediately be a fan! I can confidently say that there is nothing more refreshing than enjoying an Ice Bomb on a sweltering hot day! We deliberately kept the taste and flavour profiles simple, as we thought that the natural favours are ones that cannot be improved on. As such, we decided to let the real fruity tastes shine through in the five Ice Bomb flavours currently on offer – namely Granadilla, Mango, Litchi, Strawberry and Lemon. We are hoping to launch a new Pineapple flavour by the end of the year.” Halaal-certified, the Ice Bomb range is comparatively low in kilojoules, and they are dairy-free and vegan-friendly as well.

Made with care

Aside from only including the highest quality ingredients in each lolly, Miklos emphasizes the fact that the Ice Bomb range is manufactured by hand in small batches: “We are a small company and make every effort to produce a high-quality product. All our staff are well trained, and they take great pride in what they do – which I believe shines through in the end product. We are also small enough to offer our clients the best possible service in any way we can, and we are able to keep our overheads low, which means more profit for those who stock the Ice Bombs.”

Proudly South African

Miklos says that now more than ever it is essential to support local: “We love South Africa and believe that local is lekker! We are firm believers in supporting local businesses as this is the lifeblood of our country, and as such, all our ingredients are locally sourced.”

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