With televison being increasingly occupied with all kinds of cooking shows that keep us glued to our screens, SPICE4LIFE decided to put together a series on Celebrity Chefs in South Africa by interviewing those who fall into this category. We are happy to boast that these are exclusive interviews and even include the question: “What is your SPICE4LIFE? That thing that gets you up in the morning?” Enjoy!

Seline van der Wat

Seline is a qualified industrial engineer but quit her job to pursue a culinary career after coming third during the second season of MasterChef South Africa. Following her success on the show, Seline dove head first into the culinary world and is currently writing for newspapers and local magazine’s while launching her business called Es; which focuses on patisserie orders for weddings and parties, demonstrations, food media and running a pop-up gourmet restaurant available for bookings at people’s homes and businesses. She absolutely loves food and is passionate about fresh ingredients, South African cuisine and sustainable and responsible farming.

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Jodi-Ann Pearton

Jodi-Ann Pearton graduated from Silwood Kitchen, one of South Africa’s oldest culinary training schools in 2005, winning every major award available. She is an inspiration to people within the food industry and without. Jodi-Ann sat down with SPICE4LIFE to tell us more about what her SPICE4LIFE is and just what it is that gets her up in the morning!

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Grant Kennedy

Grant Kennedy, Executive Chef at the Radisson Blu Hotel, has a tendency to warm the hearts of each and every person he meets. Aside from having his own range of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, Grant is one of the ambassadors of Unilever and has an intense passion for food that’s hard to match! Amidst his busy life, Grant took some time out to chat to SPICE4LIFE in order to give us a better idea of the man hidden in the kitchen.

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