This September, pick a day and raise a glass to Jack’s birthday

Every batch of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey is charcoal-mellowed drop by drop. So, there’s no mystery surrounding the care that Jack Daniel’s puts into its whiskey every time they make it. But the story of Mr. Jasper Newton Daniel himself remains a mysterious part of Lynchburg lore.

Never shying away from giving people something to talk about, Jack Daniel wasn’t one to disclose his age to anyone. Ultimately, the date of his real birthday remains unknown as he had been known to shave a couple of years off his age from time to time.  Jack died before ever revealing the truth about his age and today, this mystery is just one of the many unknowns that surround him.

So, every September, people around the world raise a glass to celebrate the birth date of Jack Daniel. To settle the matter of when to honour Jack’s birthday, we celebrate the month of September.

To find out more about the mystery surrounding Jack Daniel, download the Jack Daniel’s augmented reality app, point your phone at any Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey bottle and enjoy a virtual tour of the Jack Daniel Distillery to see how his  charcoal mellowed smooth sippin’ whiskey is made. It’s the next best thing to dropping by to visit in person. 

So, let’s toast to Jack for keeping the mystery alive and the whiskey just as good as its always been. We may not know his exact birthdate, but we do know when to celebrate it.

Over Jack’s birthday month buy a bottle of Jack Daniel for R229   SMS the Unique Competition Code and your date of birth to 32176 OR scan the QR code and follow the ‘easycode’ link to enter to win a trip to Jack’s birthplace, Lynchburg Tennessee for you and a partner. Ts&Cs apply

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