It’s about taste. It’s that simple. No gimmicks or tricks. No smoke or mirrors. Jameson Irish Whiskey has always been about the exceptional taste of its whiskey.


The brand’s new messaging, Taste, that’s why, has launched across the globe – and now in South Africa – with the aim of continuing to position Jameson Irish Whiskey as uncompromising in its production of incredible-tasting whiskey, a formula that has remained unchanged for generations: triple distilled, twice as smooth. Why? Taste, that’s why.


There are easier ways to make whiskey. We choose to ignore them.


Why? #TasteThatsWhy


As part of its launch, Jameson conceptualized and shot a new television commercial (TVC) that brought the “Taste, that’s why” concept to life through a clever and entertaining concept.


Set in Johannesburg, ‘The Case of the Most Unusual Case’ follows two detectives as they investigate a peculiar crime: a batch of Jameson has been taken, but nothing else. The detectives try to uncover the mystery of why only the Jameson went missing, only to realise the real reason: Taste, that’s why.


The TVC has just begun airing in SA. Be one of the first to see it here.


“The launch of Taste, that’s why in South Africa is part of a global roll-out for Jameson, which reminds our loyal consumers why they drink Jameson – for the taste. It will also encourage new consumers to raise a glass of Jameson and see why it is the biggest-selling super premium whiskey in South Africa,” says Nicole Hewitt, Brand Manager for Jameson Irish Whiskey in South Africa.


“It’s exciting that we are able to work with our global team to bring this new message to life in South Africa. We’ll be supporting the TVC with social media, PR, and on- and off-trade activity in the coming months,” adds Nicole.


No matter which way you choose it, we know you’ll enjoy it. Why? Taste, that’s why.


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