Entrepreneur Jocelyn Hogan Wilson spent four years searching for the perfect Chenin Blanc vines to launch her Hogan range, some of which she will be showcasing some of her wines at the upcoming Women of Wine South Africa (WoWSA) Festival.
It takes place on Sunday, August 12 from 11h00 to 16h00, in celebration of Women’s Month at the Candlewoods Boutique Venue in Centurion, and also features craft beer, gin and spirits made by women.
Tell us about your wines that will be shown at WoWSA and what food would they pair well with?
I only produce two wines: Hogan Chenin Blanc 2016 and Hogan Divergent Red 2016. I endeavour to keep our volume small enough to visit each barrel consistently and personally on its journey from vine to bottle. The first wine produced was the Hogan Chenin Blanc in 2014 that is sourced from an incredible site in Joubertskloof, Swartland, from old bush vines. I spent four years looking for Chenin Blanc of this quality to launch my wine brand. It is by far my favourite South African white varietal and hence I thought it fitting to start my wine brand with a Chenin Blanc from very special site. My wines are fermented naturally and sulphur levels are kept as low as possible but at a level that will not compromise the longevity of the wine. In 2015 I added the Divergent red which is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsaut and Carignan.
I would pair the Hogan Chenin Blanc 2016 with chicken liver paté on toasted brioche or honey glazed duck breast. There is something wild and unusual that the Carignan varietal brings to the Divergent blend and I have found gamey dishes like pulled wild boar on pappardelle or slow-roasted springbok shanks work well with this wine.
How will you be spending Women’s Day and what is your wish for women?
With my family – playing tennis with them in the morning and then enjoying a lovely wintery meal on the farm. It is not so much a wish but a thought that my mother sent me recently that I would like to pass onto other women. Our generation is becoming so busy trying to prove that women can do what men can do that women are losing their uniqueness. Women weren’t created to do everything man can do.  Women were created to do everything a man can’t do. 
How difficult is it as a woman wine maker in what is still a male dominated industry?
It occasionally has its challenges but on the whole, I find that there is a great support network between the smaller independent winemakers that I am associated with. Everyone is keen to help each other and share knowledge (regardless of gender) which is so inspirational and exciting.
Do women bring a different touch to winemaking than men?
I believe we do. I find female winemaker’s wines to be more nuanced and delicate. 
What do you enjoy about your job?
I am an entrepreneur and started Hogan Wines in 2014 after working at various other wineries for 10 years. I decided to go this route as I wanted more flexibility in my job to make the wines I wanted to and to spend more time with our children. My business is a one “lady” band so my day is always varied from winemaking, marketing, vineyard work to accounting.  I love the fact that each day is so varied and brings its different challenges. 

In addition to the unlimited tastings on offer at WoWSA, guests will have the option of purchasing a wide variety of foods. There’s everything from mini bunny chows (chicken, lamb, fish, curry and vegetarian) served with sambals; cheese platters; lasagna with salad and paella to a taco station.

All wines at the tasting event will be on offer to purchase and drink with lunch as well as to take home. Wine Menu will deliver purchased wines for a small additional fee.
Music will add to the relaxed atmosphere and there will be entertainment for children.

Numbers are limited so booking is essential. Tickets are R150 a person with children under the age of 18 free. Go to http://www.webtickets.co.za/event.aspx?itemid=1481913163

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