Looking for the ideal dinner date? We may have found your match in the Place in the Sun Merlot, a big-hearted wine packed with juicy flavour.

It’s made from top-notch Devon Valley, Stellenbosch grapes and its impressive origin shows in every sip. During summer, as the fruit ripens, the vines are cooled by False Bay sea breezes, concentrating fruit flavours and making for a vibrant, tasty wine.

Dark, ruby-plum red, it’s soft-textured and approachable. Pour a glass and pick up berry and cherry notes mixed with lovely oak spice on the nose. You’ll find the same delicious flavours in the mouth. An excellent match with mushroom-flavoured dishes, it also stands up well to tomato-flavoured casseroles and Mediterranean style dishes with aubergines and peppers.

Fairtrade-accredited Place in the Sun promotes social transformation. Premiums are paid to the growers of the grapes that fund a host of educational, recreational and nutritional initiatives for the workers and their families.

That’s not all that makes it such an appealing brand. The excellent wines, made by the formidable Zonnebloem team under the guidance of cellarmaster Deon Boshoff are succulent, smooth and refreshing.

Whether it’s your absolutely perfect match, or simply an excellent wine, you can take it home for around R48 a bottle. Stockists include Pick n Pay and Makro.

Love this wine? Then also try Place in the Sun Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc and Unwooded Chardonnay.

For more details, go to www.placeinthesun.co.za


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