If you consider yourself a genuine South African who loves the taste of a juicy piece of steak that is homegrown and served in a traditional way, then Karoo Cattle and Land is the place for you this winter. The authentic meat is always full of flavour and the warm hospitality of the staff will make you feel right at home on those chilly winter evenings.

The modern interior, decor and family friendly atmosphere are just a few more reasons to pay a visit. Located in the heart of Big Bay’s beachfront and literally a stone’s throw away from a world class beach, there is no better way to transcend and unwind after a long day at work or celebrate a special occasion with your loved ones.

Karoo has also gone beyond just being a steakhouse restaurant and have in the past participated as a socially responsible partner in a meaningful campaign to help raise funds for Emmanuel’s Centre for physically and mentally disabled children in Atlantis. The campaign consisted of Karoo discounting a percentage off their customer’s bill and donating the funds to help pay for a new building that Emmanuel Centre acquired with improved facilities for the well-being, skill development and stimulation of the children within their care.

Karoo is currently offering a free dessert with every main meal ordered until 15 July 2011. What a great way to treat your kids during the school holidays without creating dirty dishes to wash and a messy kitchen to clean. The delectable desserts range from chocolate brownies, cheese cake, malva pudding and ice-cream and chocolate sauce just to name a few.  

For reservations and bookings, please contact 021 554 4286.

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