• Over five thousand households in South Africa included in the independent survey
  • Award announced by the BIGGEST Innovation Awards in Africa – Product of the Year 2013

PowerPlay Fruit Kick was awarded the title of the best innovative product in beverages, by the Product of the Year award program. Product of the Year recognises consumer products that are selected by the public for being of excellent quality and bringing something new to the market.

As the number one energy drink in the market we have to innovate to address our consumers’ growing needs. Fruit Kick and the new Day Kick are part of our new range and we encourage consumers to go out and try these great flavors, revitalizing our consumers to play outside the ordinary.

“The experts from diverse fields as well as over five thousand households can’t be wrong,” says PowerPlay Senior Brand Manager Kgomotso Tabane.

Due to the fact that there are new products being introduced into the market every year, Product of the Year challenges manufacturers to put their products through their independent tests. The proud owners of PowerPlay, Coca-Cola South Africa were confident that their product would be able to withstand the rigorous testing.

“We signed up for the voluntary tests because we sincerely believe our product is not only innovative but relevant as it is enjoyed by a significant amount of South African consumers,” said Tabane

PowerPlay Fruit Kick was tested against innovation for being an energy drink with fruit juice content. With a light, palatable taste helping PowerPlay score high on the value proposition.

PowerPlay energy drink has three flavours which are Original, Fruit Kick and Day Kick. To obtain latest PowerPlay news, gig guide or interact with the team behind ‘Playing outside the ordinary’ follow PowerPlay on twitter #Playenergydrink and read PowerPlay blog on www.playheroes.co.za

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